Martin & David Curtain Cleaning Reviews

My flat really needed a good deep cleaning after an accidental flooding at home, so I ordered the one-off cleaning offered by Martin & David Curtain Cleaning. For a few hours of intensive cleaning, my home was back to normal again! I am so glad I found this company. Great service at a great price!
Howard Evans

I never thought that the terrible smell of cigarette smoke can be removed from my curtains and furniture. After hiring the cleaners from Martin & David Curtain Cleaning to clean the upholstery and curtains and deodorise them, I can now say that there is no trace of the smell and that my living room looks like it has been renovated! Best of all – I got a pretty nice discount for booking the two services together.
Mary Robertson

I started suffering from a terrible itchy rash and my friend suggested that it can be related to the dust mites in my bed. I immediately did a search, and Martin & David Curtain Cleaning popped out. I am amazed by the quick and efficient mattress cleaning service the cleaners did. They suggested that I get my carpet and curtains deep cleaned as well, and informed me that the company has a policy of offering big discounts for booking 2 or more services. I just called and received an amazing price offer which I definitely cannot refuse!
Amanda Armstrong

I spilled half a bottle of red wine on my beautiful silk rug and cried out of desperation. Thankfully my husband knew about your express cleaning services and called them immediately. The cleaner arrived after 2 hours and very professionally and efficiently managed to remove the stain and deep clean my rug. No there no sign of that humongous red stain! Thank you very much!
Vera Reese

My leather sofa was beginning to look dull and started flaking. This is when I was told about your company by a friend who recommended them because of their professionalism and expertise. I ordered the leather upholstery cleaning service and cannot be happier with the results! My sofa has been rejuvenated and was treated against drying and flaking. Now it looks as good as new!
Bobby Martin

I booked the one-off cleaning service for my renovated living room. I was amazed at the speed and quality of the cleaning provided. The light switches, the knobs of the drawers and absolutely everything was clean and looked like new once they were done! Great job!
Anthony Hart

My wall to wall carpet was so soiled and messy that I was quite embarrassed when the cleaner came. But he was so friendly, nice and professional that he did his best to remove all stains and then wash the carpet. Once it was dry again I couldn’t believe my eyes! Looks like a completely new carpet had been installed!
Nina Bennet

I am a hotel manager and we have been using your mattress cleaning services for nearly 2 years now. We are very happy with the results and so are our clients. We definitely recommend the professional services of the company to other colleagues and other customers!
Peter Griffiths

My suede sofa is one of my favourite pieces of furniture, so I had some reserves about letting somebody clean it. However, the young man from Martin & David Curtain Cleaning was extremely careful and professional with the entire cleaning process. Now, my sofa looks sparkling clean and smells wonderful!
Jane Ellis

I have been using the company’s carpet and upholstery cleaning services for years, and I am very happy with the way they have organised the easy booking process, the way they professionally and swiftly do the cleaning, and also from the fact that I get special price offers as a regular customer who uses more than 1 service!
Kenneth Graham